NC Should Foil Opposition Parties’ Illusion: Senior Leader Poudel

Senior leader of the Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Poudel has said NC should foil the illusion spread by the opposition parties and persuade people with the works carried by the party. It would help ensure majority of votes to the NC, he argued.

Addressing a gathering organized by NC Byas Municipality-2 here today, senior leader Poudel blamed the opposition parties that they spread daydream to the people. He was of the view that every leader and cadre should be studious and cogitative to persuade people with good works of NC.

On a different note, he expressed worry that it was challenging to make Byas Municipality nature friendly. The municipal area was bustling with growing population and jungle of concrete, he viewed.
Similarly, NC central member Madhu Acharya said it was right time to make people aware with positive works carried out by the governments led by NC.

Tanahu District President of NC Jit Prakash Ale also stressed the need for improving party behaviour. He demanded that the qualified and active leaders and cadres should be provided opportunity to fight in the local level elections.

Source : RSS,