NC Should Not Join Government At Behest Of Others: Senior Leader Poudel

Senior leader of Nepali Congress (NC) Ramchandra Poudel said that thwarting assault on constitution and parliament was the major responsibility of the NC than forming a government at present.

At a press conference organized by Nepal Press Union at Kushma Bazar in Parbat district today morning, senior leader Poudel said that it was a major challenge for the NC to protect the system than forming government.

According to him, the NC would not take forward the no-confidence motion in parliament against the Prime Minister itself as the NC was the second biggest party in the parliament.

He, however, admitted that NC would second the proposal if some other parties would present the proposal of no-confidence motion against the PM.

Poudel argued that the NC should make efforts to form a new government in coalition of CPN (Maoist Centre) and Janata Samajwadi Party to end the anomalies in the politics.

“Considering the greater good of the country, NC should get ready to form the government but not at the behest of other political parties,” he viewed.

Poudel, former Deputy Prime Minister, asserted, “At this juncture of time, NC should pay attention to how to make NC popular among the people rather than eyeing for governance. NC has been stuck into internal conflict. We all should work hand-in-hand to make NC an ace party.”

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