NCC calls for enabling business friendly environment

The Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has drawn attention of the government and authorities concerned to ease commercial activities.

Noting that commercial activities have not appeared smooth of late, the Chamber has laid emphasis on economic and financial discipline. Chamber said that it was unfortunate for the country to see the situation of self-immolation of a young entrepreneur due to entrepreneurial difficulties.

In a statement issued today, NCC said, “The longstanding problems surfaced in financial institutions has brought serious problems in the industry and business sector. It was saddening for the entire country to see the situation of self-immolation”.

The Chamber has also asked the State mechanisms to end the policy hassles facing by entrepreneurs who want to do something in the country. The banks and financial institutions should also make the lending process service-oriented, the Chamber said.

In the statement, the Chamber shared that it has been drawing attention of the state agencies to check high interest rates and enable investment-friendly climate.

NCC Chairperson Rajendra Malla urged the concerned authorities to encourage digital system in financial transactions. The Chamber has reiterated that the Central Bank and BFis should create atmosphere to stabilize bank interest rates and promote investment. (RSS)