NCP Chair Dahal Offers Greetings On Tamu Lhosar, Udhauli, Yomari Punhi

Chairperson of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Dahal-Nepal group Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that Nepal has been established as a country with its own original cultural traditions.

In a message of best wishes today on Tamu Lhosar celebrated by the Gurung community, Udhauli celebrated by the Kirat community and Yomari Punhi celebrated by the Newar community, the former Prime Minister offered greetings to all Nepalis home and abroad celebrating the festivals.

He said the specialty of the Nepali society is the unity among diversity and mutual tolerance among traditions along with these social and cultural norms and values is our original identity.

Stating that the constitution has ensured rights and identity of various communities in the Nepali society, he urged all to observe these festivals by following health protocol amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

On the occasion, he also wished for good health, prosperity and progress of all Nepalis while urging them to come together and join a protest so as to restore achievements gained so far as ‘the time has come to wage a struggle once again’.

Source : RSS,