NCP Feud Pushes Country To Crisis: Mohan Bikram Singh

Nepal Communist Party (Masal) general secretary Mohan Bikram Singh has said the internal row in the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has its implications on other issues of national importance as well.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the Progressive Journalists’ Association, Baglung here today, the leader said the intra-party dispute in the NCP would have its impact on the protection of constitution, institutionalization of republic and the safeguarding of secularism.” External and reactionary forces will find a ground to raise their heads up in such atmosphere.”

”The NCP’s failure to patch up intra-party feud had led the county to a crisis.” As he said, the development of the present situation is for abolishing secularism and endorsing the MCC agreement.

He took the moment to say that the Prime Minister did a mistake by deciding to dissolve the House of Representatives.” The (present) constitution is the outcome a six-decade long struggle and if it is not protected, all achievements will be lost.” He hinted that the party which had already withdrawn its support to the Federal Government would continue its support to the Gandaki Province Government.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,