NCP’s Disciplinary Body Urges Top Leaders To Resolve Dispute Immediately

Central Discipline Commission of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has urged the top leaders to resolve the problems surfaced in the party by calling meeting immediately.

Urging the leaders to resolve intra-party dispute in ‘a Marxist and a lawful manner’ by holding face to face discussion, Commission Chair Amrit Kumar Bohara suggested that the official body of the party committee should be made dynamic and not make public what cannot be heard like division.

Chair Bohara urged the party’s leadership to show eagerness to implement the decisions of the Standing Committee held on September 11, drawing attention of the leaders not to involve in splitting the party as party unity was necessary to build prosperous socialist society.

A press release issued by the Commission reads, “Let’s call the party meeting at the earliest. Do not make the issue of calling meeting a prestige issue. Let’s make the party’s all powers united in an ideological and organizational manner to make unification process strong and long-lasting by completing remaining task of party unification soon. Let us defeat the existing anomalies and distortions in the party through intensive ideological struggle.”

Source : RSS,