Need to follow martyrs’ ideals

Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Chairman Upendra Yadav has said his party has to shoulder the responsibilities to institutionalize the agendas of federalism and inclusion achieved from the martyrs’ sacrifices in the country.

Addressing a condolence meet organised at Shahiddwar in Mujeliya in Janakpur today, Yadav pledged to take steps to institutionalise the issues of federalism, inclusion and others adding that the struggle against the discriminations in the country was ongoing.

On the occasion, Chairman Yadav paid tribute to martyrs, who were killed from the security forces’ fire on September 11, 2015 in Janakpur. Sanjaya Chaudhary, Dilip Yadav and Nitu Yadav were killed in the police firing in Janakpur while staging protests.

JSP leaders Bishnu Dev Sah, Lal Kishor Sah, State Minister of Madhes Province Yogendra Raya Yadav, former Internal Affairs Minister Gyanendra Kumar Yadav and other leaders also addressed the event. (RSS)