Nepal: 65 dead, 38 injured and 30 missing due to rain-related incidents, govt announces free treatment to victims

  • July 15, 2019

Infographics: Nepal Police

65 people have been killed, 38 injured, and 30 people are missing in rain-related incidents such as floods and landslides since last week, as per a report by Nepal Police. Officers of Nepal Police have been working relentlessly since the onset of the late monsoons – an estimated 37,000 officers were deployed towards rescue/relief operations.

Of the 65 killed 24 were females and 41 males – Province 3 has registered the highest death toll with 23 deaths, 20 deaths in Province 1, 18 dead in Province 2, and 2 each in Province 5 and 6.

A total of 3o people were reported missing – 8 in Province 1, 5 in Province 2, 7 in Province 3, 1 in Province 6, and 9 in Province 6. Search operations to find the missing are ongoing.

All injured people are being treated at nearby health posts and all are reported to be in a stable condition.

A total amount of 1446 people have received immediate assistance from the police, and although an exact amount of displaced families is yet to be ascertained, the number is estimated to cross the 10,000 mark.

Govt. announces free treatment of injured:

An emergency cabinet meeting on Sunday arrived upon a decision to bear all medical expenses of the injured owing to the monsoons. The cabinet also instructed the government to mobilise emergency response teams comprising doctors to flood-affected areas.