Nepal Becomes Part Of BRI Literary Network

Nepal Academy. Photo: THT/ File

Nepal has also participated in the Literary Network of the Belt and Road which is a part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) put forth by China.

As informed, the Chinese Writers’ Association is the founder and Nepal Academy is the co-founder of the Network that aims to undertake research on literature, culture and civilization, carry out translation works, protect copyright, publish literary books, and exchange culture.

The network was established with the representation of government academies of over 100 countries linked to the BRI.

In his virtual address to a joint meeting, Chancellor of Nepal Academy Ganga Prasad Uprety expressed his belief that the shared platform would be very effective in exchanging experiences and achievements.

“We could not reach anywhere alone in today’s competitive world. Very indeed we could reach our destination with mutual understanding and collaboration. This is an effective platform for this as well”, he added.
Also present on the occasion was the Chair of the Chinese Writers’ Association. Highlighting the need for mutual collaboration in today’s era, he said the Belt and Road Literary Network can carry out unlimited tasks in this sector.

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