Nepal firm in one China policy: Minister Khand

Photo : TRN,

Minister for Home Affairs Bal Krishna Khand has affirmed that Nepal upholds one China policy and that Nepal is committed to averting any activities against its neighbours from its territory.

The Home Minister said so during a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi today at the Ministry.

During the meeting, issues pertinent to further consolidating the bilateral relations between the two neighbours were discussed.

Home Minister Khand stated that Nepal was firm on non-alligned foreign policy and principle of Panchsheel. Peace in China and other countries is in the interest of the Nepal, he said.

On her part, Ambassador Hou said that China was eager to assist Nepal in the field of disaster management.

She also expressed happiness over the announcement by the government of the election of the members of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Members.

She said China is always in favour of a system in which people elect their representatives. She said China was eager to cooperate with the new government formed as per the people’s mandate following the November 20 elections.

According to the personal secretariat of Home Minister Khand, Ambassador Hou also shared with him about the general congress of the Communist Party of China this year.

Source : TRN,