Nepal government springs into action over global coronavirus pandemic

  • March 13, 2020

Following World Health Organisation’s declaration of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic, Nepal government has sprung into action.

Temporarily ban on-arrival tourist visas:

A high-level coordination committee has decided to temporarily ban on-arrival tourist visas to Nepal for all nationalities. The ban, which will take effect from 14th March to 30th April exludes diplomatic and official visas. The ban will apply on arrivals via Tribhuvan International Airport and all land crossings in the north and the south.

The government has also decided to tighten Nepal’s border with India, and has instructed its officers to practice vigilance.

The government will also mobilise resources from medical colleges and Red Cross, if necessary.

In case of emergencies, foreign nationals are being instructed to contact Nepal’s Consulate Office in their home country for a visa – applicants will need to submit a medical certificate proving they are free from the coronavirus.

Temporarily halt issuance of No-Objection Certificate:

The government has also decided to temporarily halt issuance of No-Objection Certificates to all students who wish to go abroad for further studies. As per the Education Ministry, NOCs will be issued only after 30th April.

Ban Labour Approval (Work Permits) for Migrant Workers:

Similarly, the government has also decided to halt all Labour Approvals (Work Permits) for migrant workers. Earlier, the government had decided to halt work permits for South Korea throughout March.

All decisions have been arrived upon towards preventing the outbreak of coronavirus in Nepal – the government has also requested citizens to not panic, as all steps are taken as precautionary measures.

Although, Nepal has no live cases of confirmed coronavirus, the pandemic has spread across the globe affecting all continents with the exception of Antarctica. As of 12th March, 2020, there were 125,048 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 4613 deaths.