Nepal Government to bring Biplav in mainstream: Home Minister Thapa

28 May 2019

Nepal Government will begin talks with Biplav-led party very soon, said Minister of Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa.

Addressing to a meeting of the National Assembly yesterday, Minister Thapa expressed that government is working on bringing the party to mainstream by adopting the policy of talks and control simultaneously regarding the issues.

He also, added that the government has asked the party to come for talks but without any fruition.

Lawmaker Jitendra Dev urged the government to release its real perspective regarding the Biplav-led party.

Similarly, lawmakers Ramesh Prasad Yadav, Tara Devi Bhatta, Anita Devkota and Dhan Kumari Khatiwada urged the government to maintain peace and security in the country.

At least three persons were killed and six others were injured in two separate bomb explosions in Kathmandu on Sunday evening which is believed to be connected to Biplav-led party.