Nepal Has Set Example In Gender Equality: PM

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that Nepal was an exemplary nation in the world to ensure gender equality by protecting women’s rights.
Speaking at a programme organised in Baluwatar on the occasion of the third national women’s rights day, Prime Minister Oli mentioned that women of Nepal had participated in the municipality election, as voters and candidates, held in 2008 BS right after the nation was freed from autocratic Rana regime.
“While many nations were still holding arguments about providing voting rights to women, the Nepali women were participating in elections as candidates,” said Prime Minister Oli.
He added that the rights of women mentioned in the United Nations Charter were the outcome of socialist movements then taking place across the world in which voices were raised in an organised manner to ensure gender equality.
Prime Minister Oli said that the concept of social justice and equality developed in Nepal along with the development of political movements. “Owing to the progressive changes brought by people‚Äôs movement in 1990, 5 per cent women were elected in various national and municipal level elections, which have now increased to 41 per cent.”
“The current government has been working firmly against all kinds of violence against women (VAW),” he said, adding that any act of VAW would not be forgivable at any cost.
The Prime Minister said that we should continue struggling to prevent violence, rape, defamation, social evils, verbal and physical abuse against women which takes place due to superstition, illiteracy or any other reason. “Not only the uneducated people, educated men who think that they become masculine by humiliating women are dangerous to the society,” said Prime Minister Oli.
He highlighted that the government had been making effort to protect women from violence by implementing stricter laws against rape and acid attacks.
Stating that it was sad to see many women’s involvement as perpetrators in cases of VAW, Prime Minister Oli said that both men and women must pay attention to prevent VAW.