Nepal Made Oxygen Gas Cylinder Tested

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has tested the oxygen gas cylinder produced in Nepal for the first time.
Minister for Education, Science and Technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha inaugurated the cylinder test on the premises of NAST on Tuesday.
With the surge of COVID-19 cases and an acute shortage of oxygen cylinders, Nepal has tested the cylinder production with a target of producing oxygen cylinders within the country.
Dr. Rabindra Dhakal, head of Faculty of Technology at NAST, informed that cylinders capable of withstanding pressure have been produced.
He, however, said that the final safety measure of the cylinders is yet to be ascertained.
After the completion of it, the NAST would discuss with the cylinder manufacturing companies and allow them to produce them commercially, he added.
According to Dr. Dhakal, the minimum price of a cylinder is now around Rs. 15,000 in Nepal while a cylinder produced using the technology of NAST will cost less than Rs. 10,000.
Minister Shrestha has said that the NAST had made a significant contribution to controlling COVID-19 by making swab collection vans, sanitisers and washable masks.
Minister Shrestha said that the government was serious about maintaining the shortage of zeolite that used to make oxygen.
Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha, Vice Chancellor of NAST, said that the NAST has prepared swab collection vans and handed them over to all the three security agencies.