Nepal Police take action against three for offering bribe

  • August 11, 2019

Inspector General of Police, Sarbendra Khanal, last week announced Nepal Police’s intention towards becoming a model organisation. He elaborated on his department’s efforts towards maintaining peace, controlling crime and conducting a fair investigation within the nation. Adhering towards the same, Nepal Police, in a different notice also announced its intention to deter the practice of bribe, and said it would take ‘necessary actions’ against those who would try to offer a financial temptation to an on-duty police officer.

On Friday, three people were apprehended for offering a bribe.

  1. Jamal: On Friday evening, during a routine check, a motorcyclist is said to have inserted Rs 500 inside his vehicle registration book. The officer on duty immediately took him to the police station, and filed the necessary charges.
  2. Machapokhari: In another instance on Friday evening, a 36 year old driver offered Rs 100 to an on-duty police officer. Police had stopped the vegetable ferrying Tata vehicle for a routine check, when the driver offered the financial temptation. The officer reported the driver.
  3. Ekantakuna: Similarly, on Friday afternoon, a 32 year old truck driver attempted to bribe an on-duty officer with Rs 200. The driver offered the money when the officer was checking his papers.

Nepal Police has yet again reminded the public to not indulge in such activities, and have said  it would be compelled to take ‘necessary action’ against those who indulge in such practices.