Nepal Scouts Province 1 starts doctors’ helpline to assist public

In order to help people in lockdown about their health related queries, Nepal Scouts Province 1 Committee has come up with an idea of doctors’ helpline. 24 doctors representing various medical fraternities are available to respond queries from people.
‘General people cannot visit hospitals in this shutdown time. Even for minor inquiry, people are not having access to talk to concerned doctors on their own”, said Ravi Khanal, the chair of Nepal Scouts Province 1 Committee, ”To address this genuine yet serious concern, our team have partnered with 24 doctors from various hospitals like Koshi Hospital and Birat Medical College of Biratnagar, BPKIHS of Dharan and the likes.”
According to Khanal, since Monday, doctors are allotted certain time to ring them and inquirers can get their answers. ”For example, to ring orthopedics expert Dr. Pramod Baral of BPKIHS, he is available from 6-7 pm every day and Dr. Mohan Khadka, who is consultant physician at Birat Medical College of Biratnagar is available from 8-18 in the evening. In this way, we have certain time for every individual doctors”, informed Khanal.
Khanal said details of all 24 doctors, their personal numbers and allocated time to call is available in the official facebook page of Nepal Scouts Province 1 Committee. The name of the page is in Nepali, which reads, ”Nepal Scout Pradesh Tadartha Samiti, Pradesh Number 1.” Khanal said every day hundreds of people make calls to the doctors.
Dr. Pramod Baral of BPKIHS Dharan who is one of the 24 doctors available at the helpline said he receives frequent calls from people. He added, ”I am happy to suggest people asking questions related to my field. Every professional, from every occupation, can contribute some personal and professional time to help people in need in this pandemic time.”

Source : RSS,