Nepal Telecom’s Mobile Phone Services Cut Off At Tri-Junction Transit Point In Darchula

The strategically important tri-nation transit point here is cut off from communication services. Communication via mobile phone is non-operational at Chhangru and Tinkar of Byas Rural Municipality.

Yogesh Bohara, a local from Chhangru, said the locals are facing problem as Nepal Telecom’s Sky phone is out of operation. The Sky phone service was disrupted since last year.

The locals have been deprived of communication as the mobile phone network remains disrupted for long.

“Vianet, the internet service provider, is sometimes functional. Had there been no Vianet, we would be completely cut off from communication,” Bohara said. There is problem when the Vianet also stops functioning and the locals are completely cut off from communication.

According to the locals, although Nepal Telecom Darchula Chief Krishna Bahadur Gurung has repaired Telecom’s Sky phone system two times, it is not still restored. The Nepal Telecom’s Namaste towers were constructed one year back for operating the 4G service in Chhangru, but this service is also not brought into operation.

Nepal Telecom Darchula Chief Gurung said although the work on installing the 4G towers has been carried out they have not been able to start the service as the required instruments have not arrived yet.

However, none of the mobile phone companies’ phones work in Tinkar village. The Sky tower kept in Chhangru does not cover Tinkar village. Gurung said a survey has been conducted to install a Namaste tower for Tinkar village this year.

The Sky phone tower in Chhangru is not working also due to shortage of solar power, Gurung added.

The power has not saved in the power bank due to the lack of sunny days owing to the cloudy weather. Additional solar panels have been ordered for Chhangru.

Nepal Police, the Armed Police Force and other government offices have been facing problem due to the non-operation of the mobile phone service, it is said.

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