Nepali Army Organising Extensive Seminar On Organisational Change

The Nepali Army is organising an extensive seminar focusing on organisational change, strengthening and sustainability.

The objective of this seminar is to prepare the theoretical and practical basis for management and consolidation while institutionalising the organisational culture, operation process and the steps towards reform initiated at present as well as making similar nature of programmes sustainable, Army spokesperson Santosh Ballabh Poudel said.

The Army is organising this seminar from February 14 to 17 in line with the declaration of the Chief of the Army Staff, Purna Chandra Thapa. The Army Chief had declared the third year of his office term as the ‘Year of Consolidation and Sustainability’.

The Army’s special class officers, high officials of the Ministry of Defence and other security bodies, and independent experts will be participating in the seminar. The seminar will see discussions along with paper presentation on the major themes of the seminar.

Nepali Army stated that the programme is being organised with the goal of strengthening the existing system and process in the organisation and of making the future generation leadership responsible for carrying out works on change management in future a part of this process and accountable.

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