Nepali man sentenced to death executed in Qatar

Photo via Al Zajeera

A Nepali migrant worker identified as Anil Chaudhary from Mahottari district has been executed after he was sentenced to death in Qatar.

This is the first time a Nepali citizen has been sentenced to death in Qatar.

Chaudhary had been accused of killing a Qatari national named Omar Mohammed Umar al-Ramajani al-Nuaimi.

The Qatari prison administration executed the death sentence after the country’s Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s decision.

According to Kumar Dahal, director general at the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), Chaudhary was sentenced to death by a firing squad in the first week of April.

The Qatari government had sentenced Chaudhary to death after the victim’s family refused to pardon him.

Qatar had informed the Nepali Embassy in Qatar about the sentencing only a day before the execution.

Upon receiving the information, the embassy is reported to have sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking it to try and stop the execution. But to no avail.

Chaudhary is accused of killing Omar Mohammed Umar al-Ramajani al-Nuaimi with a khukuri after hitting the Qatari man with the lethal weapon dozens of times.

He was arrested in the first week of April 2017 on charges of murder.

The Qatari government has not yet executed any other Nepali sentenced to death in other cases till date while the full details of the murder case have yet to be made public.

Chaudhary’s body has been kept at a local hospital and the Qatari administration has given permission to send his body to Nepal.

There are 10 Nepalis currently in jail in Qatar on the charge of murder but the victims were all Nepalis.

Chaudhary had gone to Qatar on August 27, 2015 and was employed as a general labourer in a car washing firm. He was kept in Qatari central jail.