Nepali Peacekeepers Thwart Insurgent Attack In Central African Republic


Nepali Army Peacekeepers have saved Bambari, one of the major cities in the Central African Republic (CAR), from falling into the rebels’ hands.
The armed rebellion erupted after former President Francois Bozize was barred from contesting the upcoming election, slated for December 27.
Alarmed by the escalating violence, the opposition parties have been requesting the government to postpone the election.

Meanwhile, when the rebel groups tried to enter Bangui, the capital, Nepali Army Peacekeepers (MINUSCA) were instructed to assist the national army of the country to foil the attack.

After the rebel group, Union for Peace, took control over Bambari, the fourth largest city in CAR on December 22, a contingent of Nepali peacekeepers was deployed to retaliate against the rebels’ attack, because of which they were later forced to retreat, according to Brigadier General and spokesperson of the Nepali Army Shantosh Ballav Poudyal.

Taking advantage of the situation, the government retook the city from the rebels, according to international media reports.

A company of a Nepali Army deployed under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Minraj Tiwari of the Shri Ranasher Battalion stationed in the CAR thwarted an insurgents’ attack against the Republic’s army as well as the government’s armed police.

A large number of arms and explosives were seized from the rebel group after the incident. All the Nepali peacekeepers participating in the operation are safe, according to the press statement issued on Thursday evening.

Despite the precarious and sensitive security situation, the Nepal Peacekeepers have been stepping up their security activities and conducting various operations to create a safe environment for the upcoming elections as directed by the Peace Mission.