Nepali Students have to finish 12th Grade to study abroad

13 June 2019

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Nepal has issued a notice informing that Government of Nepal will not be issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC) for students who have not completed 12th Grade.

The notice further says, NOC will be granted to only those students who have completed the 12th grade or equivalent and are planning to study relevant Academy Bridge Course or Language course and bachelor’s degree or higher in foreign universities or colleges.

Previously, NOC was granted to students after finishing Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) as 11th and 12th were also considered as higher education. However, according to Maheshwor Sharma, Under Secretary of the Ministry, Setopati reports the country’s constitution considers education up to 12th grade as school education.

He further stated, students wishing to study bachelor’s degree or higher abroad will be granted NOC with ease.

NOC is a mandatory document for students wishing to study abroad which is issued by Government of Nepal. In absence of NOC, students will not be able to study abroad.

There has been several developments in international education sector relating to Nepali students. Previously, Government of Nepal stopped granting NOC for a particular college in Australia named AIBT (Australian Institute of Business and Technology) after more than thousand Nepali students were allegedly stranded in middle of their degrees. In the recent case, Australian government made strict rules in regards to Nepali students wishing to study in VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector.

Experts are of opinion that if students wanting to join VET courses in Australia do not receive NOC, Australian education sector will be significantly affected as Nepal remains as the third largest source country of international students.