Nepalis in Japan provide financial assistance to landslide affected family in Baglung

  • August 4, 2019

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Nepalis in Japan have provided financial support to landslide affected family in Baglung District, Nepal. Kandebas Sewa Samaj, based in Japan collected NRS 612,000 as support for the affected Gautam family in ward no. 8 of Galkot municipality.

Kandebas Sewa Samaj, a group of Nepalis in Japan comprises mostly of residents from Kandebas, therefore the support towards their local community. They decided to come to the aid of the family after hearing their plight.

Sita Gautam was attending her household chores when a landslide triggered by heavy rainfall occurred on July 23. She was swept along with the cow shed, and lost her life owing to the disaster. Two buffaloes and a goat also perished in the accident. The Gautam house remains in a perilous situation, and needs to be re-located.

Mayor of Galkot Bharat Sharma handed over the cash to the elder brother of the deceased Pitamber Gautam.