Nepal’s banking system attacked by Chinese hackers, five arrested in possession of fake ATM cards

  • September 1, 2019

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A group of Chinese hackers tried to gain access to Nepal Electronic Payment System. Following the attempt most private banks had to shut down their ATM services. It is unsure if the hackers were able to steal any money, or any crucial personal details during their attempt.

The banks shut down their ATM services after receiving reports of intrusion – NIC Asia and Prabhu Bank confirmed shutting down their services. While most ATM services are said to have been restored, the banks are still vigilant, and keeping a watch for ‘repeated attempt’.

The hacking incident came after five Chinese nationals were arrested in the valley on Saturday – allegedly for their involvement in withdrawing money from fake ATM cards. Police are investigating if the two incidents are related.

ATM Fraud:

Five Chinese nationals have been arrested from the valley for allegedly stealing millions of rupees from ATMs via fake cards. According to the police, a team arrested the five from Durbar Marg while acting on a tip off. The arrested were said to be in possession of fake ATM cards of Nabil Bank. They had already stolen millions of rupees prior.

The arrested five are being held in Teku Station. Police have recovered Rs 15 million from the detainees.