Nepal’s Foreign Policy Has Taken Concrete Shape, Says PM

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said on Friday that Nepal’s foreign policy has taken a concrete shape in the last three years.
While releasing two books titled “Foreign Policies of Nepal Orientation and Priority” and “COVID-19 Multi-Disciplinary Narratives” based on the important remarks and experiences of former Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali during his three-and-a-half year tenure, Prime Minister Oli said, “Just as no one can remove the new political map of Nepal, no one can harm our foreign policy because it is based on clarity.”
The Prime Minister also released two other booklets published by the Institute for the Study of Foreign Affairs at the event held at Baluwatar.
Stating that Nepal’s status as an independent and sovereign nation has been a matter of historical pride, the Prime Minister said that the main emphasis would be on maintaining balanced relations between the neighbours.
“We do not believe in deception and do not wish to pit one against the other,” he said.
“Nepal will pursue foreign relations in line with the tradition of ‘ ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family), with justice, international commitments and on the basis of common interest,” said Prime Minister Oli.
Mentioning that Nepal is guided by the belief that peace should prevail in the world, he said, “We are not in favour of nuclear weapons and weapons for mass destruction.”
Stating that the policy of friendship with all and not with others may look weak to some, the Prime Minister added, “It is not cowardice or helplessness to say that we will fight only when we are in trouble.”
Stating that Nepal is willing to make contextual changes in the old treaties that have lost their context in a new situation, the Prime Minister said that an expert team had been formed as per the agreement reached between the two prime ministers of the two countries to review treaties made with India like 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.
Speaking on the occasion, former foreign minister Gyawali said that the book had covered the major issues of his tenure.
He said that the book would work as an institutional memory for the sector of foreign policy.

Source : TRN,