Nepal’s image, credibility enhanced at int’l arena, PM Deuba claims

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has claimed that Nepal’s image and credibility has enhanced at international arena with the incumbent government ascending to power.
At a function organized here on the occasion of 74th anniversary of Nepal Council of World Affairs on Friday, PM Deuba said the government had set a target to further enhance Nepal’s image at international arena by promoting the country interests internationally and enabling environment to receive good will, support and cooperation from all countries. Noting that the government intensified its international engagement despite troubles exacerbated by the COVID-19, he claimed Nepal’s active and meaningful engagement in such forums has boosted the country’s visibility at the international level.
The Prime Minister also highlighted that such forums provided Nepal with opportunity to raise its concerns, priorities and stances on several global agendas, such as climate change, food security, vaccine equity, democracy and good governance.
The government-announced common minimum programme put forth the key priorities of the country, PM Deuba said, adding, “Government’s main priority is to protect and promote interests of the nation and its people”. Other key priorities of the government are to ensure high and equitable economic development, prepare the base for social-economic transformation, implement federalism and complete backlog of peace process.
The principle of Panchasheel, non-alignment, the United Nations charter, international laws and global peace standards will guide Nepal’s foreign policy, the PM reminded.
“The prime responsibility of the government is to safeguard country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national independence and protect the national interests”, he noted. The incumbent government, as the PM viewed, had adopted independent and balanced foreign policy. “We do not allow the use of our land to carry out any activities against our neighbours and other countries”, PM Deuba asserted.
Nepal continues advocacy for liberal, rule and norm based, just, fair and cooperative global system, which PM Deuba hoped, would help elevate the status of the least developed countries. The government is committed to realizing the SDGs and national development ambition in order to meet the international commitments.
According to the PM, the present government will try its best to ensuring economic transformation. “Major base of Nepal’s diplomacy is the quest for economic agenda. We continue our efforts to attract more foreign investment, expand exports and promote tourism.”
He also said the US aid project of MCC was ratified by the parliament and the projects under the MCC compact would be completed in time.
On the occasion, Council Chairperson Hemant Kharel viewed the Council with the involvement of diplomats, educationists, and politicos was facilitating debates and discussions on the contemporary issues.

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