NEPSE Capitalisation Up By 111.29 Per Cent

Market capitalisation of the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) crossed Rs. 3787.09 billion till the closing hours on April 15, marking an increase in NEPSE capitalisation by 111.29 per cent.

In the beginning of the current fiscal year, capital market was valued at Rs. 1792.76 billion.

Total turnover in the stock market on Friday was Rs. 8,636,668,659 and the number of shares traded was 19,020,528, which led the stock index to rise by more than five points from 2730 to 2735.39.

On April 15, top five gainers were NIC ASIA Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd, Best Finance Company Ltd, Mahila Lagubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd, Jyoti Life Insurance Ltd and Green Development Bank Ltd. A share of NIC ASIA Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited was traded at Rs 1,868 after it increased by 9.95%. Similarly, closing price of a share of the Best Finance Company was Rs. 187 after its increase by 10 percent from its opening points. Share of Mahila Laghubitta Sanstha Limited also increased by 10 percent when its closing price stood at Rs. 1208.

Jyoti Life Insurance saw its share price increase by 9.92 per cent when its closing price was Rs 565. Green Development Bank also got its share go up by 9.68 percent as closing price of a unit of its share was Rs. 204.

The stock of life insurance and non-life insurance companies performed well in the market on April 15 even though the stock price of trading and hydropower fell down.