NEPSE Shows Double-Digit Correction

The stock market index NEPSE, which set a new record on Wednesday, showed a double-digit correction on Thursday.

 The NEPSE index has declined by 18.24 points (0.57 per cent) to close at 3,180.78 points on Thursday, the last trading day of the week.

On Wednesday, the NEPSE index had increased by 38.28 points (1.21 per cent) to its all-time high of 3,198.60 points.

Along with the fall in NEPSE index, transaction amounts also declined today. Shares worth about Rs. 20.49 billion were traded today.

The sensitive index which measures the performance of group ‘A’ companies declined by 8.33 points (1.39 per cent) to close at 590.15 points.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, sub-indices of five of 13 groups witnessed an increase while eight groups saw a fall.

Sub-index of development bank group posted the highest fall of 162.45 points (2.58 per cent) followed by hydropower and finance group whose indices decreased by 123.31 points (3.18 per cent) and 73.31 points (2.29 per cent) respectively.

Similarly, banking, hotels and tourism, manufacturing and production, mutual fund and investment groups’ sub-indices decreased by 19.55 points, 30.07 points, 19.28 points, 0.1p points and 4.92 points respectively.

However, the sub-index of life insurance posted a significant growth of 468.57 points (2.64 per cent) while the sub-index of non-life insurance went up by 457.47 points (3.2 per cent) and microfinance by 50.63 points (0.85 per cent) in today’s transaction.

Similarly, the sub-index of others has increased by 34.22 points and trading by 18.71 points.

A total of 30,912,697 shares worth Rs. 20.49 billion of 229 companies were sold in 188,017 transactions today.

On Wednesday, 36,509,751 shares worth Rs. 21.31 billion of 228 companies were sold in 188,454 transactions.

The share prices of Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha increased by 10 per cent, Ridi Hydropower Development Company by 8.59 per cent, and Sana Kisan Bikas Bank by 7.51 per cent today.

However, share prices of Khanikhola Hydropower Company, Panchakanya Mai Hydropower and Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company declined by 10 per cent in today’s transaction.

Source : TRN,