NEPSE Suffers Landslide, Index Drops Below 2,700 Points

The benchmark of the stock market, NEPSE, declined significantly also on Monday, the second transaction day of the week.

The NEPSE index has fallen below 2,700 points with the continuous decline of high points.

The index, which declined by 61.27 points on Sunday, declined by 73.05 points (2.65 per cent) to close at 2,685.41 points today. This is the lowest point in the last four and a half months. Prior to this, the NEPSE index was at 2,685 points on June 13, 2021.

The NEPSE had set a record high of 3,199.03 points on August 18.

The sensitive index which measures the performance of group ‘A’ companies declined by 12.94 points (2.49 per cent) to close at 506.33 points.

The turnover has also decreased on Monday as compared to Sunday’s transaction.

A total of 10,478,068 shares worth Rs. 5.12 billion of 227 companies were sold in 67,587 transactions today.

About 14,494,260 shares worth Rs. 6.5 billion of 233 companies had been sold on Sunday.

The sub-indices of all groups decreased sharply.

Sub-index of non-life insurance group saw the highest fall of 439.28 points (3.62 per cent) followed by life insurance and development bank group whose indices decreased by 437.17 points (2.85 per cent) and 194.1 points (3.81 per cent) respectively.

The sub-index of life insurance group decreased by 371.31 points, non-life insurance by 356.76 points and development bank by 130.64 points on Sunday.

Similarly, the finance group sub-index decreased by 112.96 points, manufacturing and processing by 104.39 points, hotels and tourism by 90.12 points and banking by 44.08 points.

Sub-index of trading decreased by 41.26 points, hydropower by 80.61 points, others by 46.02 points, mutual fund by 0.16 points and investment by 2.86 points.

Share price of Manakamana Smart Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha posted the highest growth by 9.99 per cent, followed by Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Company by 9.97 per cent and Gurkhas Finance by 6.08 per cent.

Share price of Goodwill Finance recorded the highest fall by 7.83 per cent, followed by United IDI Mardi RB Hydropower by 7.73 per cent and Nepal Finance by 7.72 per cent in today’s transaction.

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