NEPSE Suffers Landslide, Index Falls By 108. 26 Pts.

With a huge fluctuation, the benchmark of share market index posted a three-digit fall on Sunday, the first trading day of the week.

The NEPSE declined by 108.26 (3.70 per cent) points and closed at 2,818.72 points today. The index opened at 2,926.99 saw an immediate downward spiral and reached as low as 2,779.68 before closing at 2,818.72.

According to NEPSE, share trading was suspended for 40 minutes after the index suffered a loss of 5 per cent (145 points) in the first two hours of the trading session on Sunday.

The stock market, which had a circuit breaker at 1 o’clock, reopened after 40 minutes, and in 20 minutes of its reopening, it made a recovery by around 95 points. But again the market plunged significantly and closed after it fell by 108.26 points. The NEPSE index had declined by 167.06 points last week. The NEPSE had set a record of 3,199.03 points on August, 18.

The sensitive index which measures the performance of group ‘A’ companies also decreased by 19.76 points (3.65 per cent) to close at 522.01 points.

According to NEPSE, the sub-indices of all groups declined sharply in today’s transaction. Sub-index of non-life insurance group posted the highest fall of 519.46 points (3.85 per cent) followed by life insurance and development bank group whose indices decreased by 511.78 points (3.09 per cent) and 394.8 points (7.21 per cent) respectively.

Similarly, the sub-index of finance went down by 239.08 points (8.01 per cent), hydropower by 216.95 points (6.51 per cent) and trading by 216.64 points (6.05 per cent). The hotels and tourism, others, manufacturing and processing, microfinance and investment groups’ sub-indices decreased by 161.2 points, 175.32 points, 83.15 points, 162.95 points and 4.85 points respectively.

Similarly, the sub-index of banking decreased by 44.51 points to close at 1,919.78 points and mutual fund by 0.31 points to close at 15.90 points. A total of 23,079,832 shares worth Rs. 11.24 billion of 223 companies were bought and sold in 129,142 transactions today.

The share price of 13 companies saw a negative circuit. Similarly, the value of 18 companies declined by more than 9 per cent today. The share prices of Narayani Development Bank, Himalaya Urja Bikas Company, Reliance Finance, Arun Kabeli Power, Nepal Finance, Universal Power Company, Samriddhi Finance Company, CEDB Hydropower Development Company and Best Finance Company decreased by 10 per cent.

Similarly, the share price of Goodwill Finance, Ru Ru Hydropower Project, ICFC Finance and Janaki Finance went down by 10 per cent. However, the share price of Sanima Life Insurance increased by 9.97 per cent and Manakamana Smart Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha by 4.02 per cent in today’s transaction.

Source : TRN,