New Delhi: Two Nepalis, both friends, one dead, one jailed

  • August 13, 2019

Image: Google Maps

Vishal and Virendra, both from Nepal, had migrated to New Delhi to better their economic conditions. Vishal used to work in an eatery and Virendra used to wash cars. They used to live in Central Delhi.

On Monday night, Delhi Police were called in – Vishal had stabbed Virendra. The police rushed a bleeding Virendra to the hospital, but unfortunately he passed due to excessive bleeding.

According to police, Virendra and Vishal knew each other for a long time. On Monday, they got into a row and the argument became so heated that Vishal took out a knife and stabbed Virendra in his neck.

Another person, a common friend was heard telling the media that Virendra used to bully Vishal, and that he was frustrated. According to the the friend, Virendra was an alcoholic and  would abuse Vishal; therefore he was fed up.

Police have seized the murder weapon, and Vishal is in police custody. He will be presented before court.