New Ministers Take Oath In Karnali

The newly appointed ministers of Karnali Province have taken their oath of office and secrecy.
Province Chief Govinda Prasad Kalauni administered the oath of office and secrecy to the new Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Gopal Sharma and Minister for Internal Affairs, Law, Youth and Sports Sita Kumari Nepali on Monday.
Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi had appointed them to the cabinet on Sunday.
Previously, on Wednesday, Chief Minister Shahi had made Sharma the Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, Bindaman Bista the minister for Internal Affairs, Law, Youth and Sports and Nepali the minister for Water Resources and Energy Development.
However, Shahi took charge of these ministries before the appointed ministers could be sworn in. On Sunday, he reappointed Sharma and Nepali.
It has been learnt that the remaining Ministry of Water Resources along with the Ministry of Social Development will be given to the Nepali Congress to bring it into the provincial government.
Congress had voted in favour of the vote of confidence the Chief Minister had tabled last month.
In another news report, the Karnali government has decided to set up an oxygen plant in Surkhet. A meeting of the province’s Council of Ministers held on Sunday evening decided to establish the plant to relieve the shortage of medical oxygen in the province. The Ministry of Social Development will begin the process for this immediately.
The meeting also decided to provide a budget of Rs. 138 million to the Health Services Directorate for the prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19.