NHRC settles 412 complaints

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has decided on 412 complaints in the financial year 2021/22. NHRC Spokesperson Tikaram Pokharel said that the commission has decided on 412 complaints including the resubmitted complaints.

Issuing a statement here on Thursday, Spokesperson Pokharel said the commission has sorted out 351 complaints and recommended 91 cases to the government, including six complaints related to policy.

Among the recommended complaints, 42 are related to economic, social and cultural rights violation, the NHRC said in its statement.

Similarly, nine complaints have been canceled and 251 complaints are on pending, said Pokarel, adding “The commission has decided to resubmit 61 complaints by making various decisions.”

According to him, a total of 4,214 complaints were transferred from the previous fiscal year.

Out of which, 1,554 complaints are in the investigation division of the NHRC’s central office for decision after completing investigation, while 2,660 complaints are under investigation in the provincial and provincial branch offices of the commission.

The implementation of recommendations made by the NHRC to the government has been found meager, the statement reads.

The NHRC recommends the government and concerned authority, seeking action against the perpetrators over the cases of human rights violations.

“The commission has held continuous discussions with the government, the human rights committee of the Legislature Parliament and other stakeholders for the implementation of its recommendations. But the government has been failed to implement the recommendations as expected,” the statement reads.

During the last fiscal year, the commission has monitored issues such as COVID-19, local level elections, rights of women, children, senior citizens, persons with disability, marginalised communities, custodial death and caste-based discrimination.

This year, the Commission has signed an agreement with the National Human Rights Commission of Malaysia to protect the human rights of migrant workers.

Furthermore, discussions on the report to be submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Committee regarding the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) have also been completed at various levels, the NHRC said.

The commission has also carried out research on various issues, like Nepali migrant workers working in India, human rights-oriented methods, violence against women and ethnic and indigenous community, the statement reads.

Source : TRN,