NHRC Urges Gov’t To Book Murderer Of Bhagirathi

Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Tapa Bahadur Magar, has urged the government to book the guilty by carrying out fair and effective investigations into the rape and murder of Bhagarathi Bhatta of Baitadi district.

Chairperson Magar said so at an interaction programme organised on Sunday at NHRC office with Secretary of Law Ministry Rishiraj Bhandari, Home Secretary Maheshwor Neupane and Inspector General of Nepal Police Shailesh Thapa.

He also asked to take necessary steps on behalf of the government as the health of Ganga Maya Adhikari, who is on hunger-strike for justice, is deteriorating.

Recalling that the NHRC has already urged the government for fair and effective investigations into Bhatta’s case and to pay attention on security of the concerned side, Magar drew attention of IGP Thapa to book the guilty soon.

Source : RSS,