Night surveillance beefed-up to prevent illegal sand extraction from Doda River

The reports about the unauthorized extraction of sand from the Doda River in Shulkaphanta Municipality-12 have drawn the attention of local government, prompting it to increase its surveillance against the move.

According to Ward Chair Nawal Singh Rana, it has sought the coordination of local police to prevent possible extraction of river products during night. “We heighten the surveillance mainly during wee hours: from 2:00 am to 4:00 am,” he said.

It is learnt that sand collection from the river has already been banned and possible smugglers are taking advantage of dark to do their business. The constant extraction from the river has posed a grave threat to the embankment. It is at high risk of collapse at any time. The river has become deeper by two feet due to the continued and haphazard sand mining.

First, environment impact assessment is a must to determine whether the sand collection from the river is viable and a tender is required if the assessment suggests the possibility for the extraction.

“We have introduced the matter in the municipality, but it is yet to be addressed,” he said, adding that illegal collection has caused a loss of huge revenue to the local government.
The increased risk of the embankment collapse has posed a grave threat to the nearby settlement. If it breaks out, the nearby settlement may get inundated.

The river serves as the border between the Shuklaphanta Municipality and Laljhandi Rural Municipality. The ward will cooperate with the Laljhandi to prevent the extraction from the river. (RSS)