Nima Rumba Comes Up With ‘Pagal Premi 2’

Singer Nima Rumba has sung his hit number Pagal Premi 2.
This romantic dancing number has singer Rumba’s words, music and voice. Nima had brought Pagal Premi in the year 1993 and had also recorded the song titled ‘Crazy Lover’ as Pagal Premi 2 a few years ago.
Rumba and late singer Sunil Bardewa started arranging for the song in 2013, and it took about two years for them to compose the song.

The music video has been directed by Ashish Shrestha, who has been active in the US for a long time. Shrestha is also the script writer and editor of the music video. The music video for the song was produced by Young Films and Aha Productions in the United States.
Singer Rumba has expressed his happiness that its music video was produced in a foreign land for the first time, which was also of a Hollywood standards.

According to Ashish Shrestha, the director of the music video, it has been filmed for three days in various beautiful places of Dallas and Texas in the USA.
Nima himself has played the lead role in the music video while Mr. USA and two-time Men’s Physics Gold Medal winner and Pro Card winner Utsav Singh have also been featured.
Utsav is the first Nepali man to win this title. Similarly, Miss Universe Nepal 2021 winner Ansika Sharma has also acted in it.

Ashinka represented Nepal in the Miss Universe pageant held in Florida this year. The music video is co-produced by Ujwal Singh of Aha Productions.
According to director Shrestha, the music video has become attractive and will be released on September 23.

Source : TRN,