Nine houses reduced to ashes in Kalinchowk

Nine houses burnt to ash in a massive fire that broke out at Katuwachaur market in Kalinchowk Rural Municipality-9 of Dolakha district Wednesday night.

According to the locals, the fire first broke out from the house of Rudra Oli.

According to Chief Administrative Officer of the Rural Municipality Navaraj Oli, houses of Santosh Sedain, Durga Dahal, Chitra Prasad Sedain, Swasthani Khadka, Shankar Oli, Pushkar Oli, Rudra Bahadur Oli, Gopilal Thami and Ram Bahadur Thami have been completely destroyed.

Police suspected that an electric short circuit at the Oli’s house led to the fire.

Security personnel and fire fighters deployed from Charikot, the district headquarters, brought the fire under control.

Property worth millions of rupees was damaged and over a dozen animals were killed in the incident. Police have been collecting details of the damages, according to the District Police Office.

Source : TRN,