Nine More Nepalis Die From Covid-19 Abroad

Nine more Nepalis died recently from Covid-19 abroad. Non-Resident Nepalis’ Association (NRNA) shared the information that four Nepalis died in the UK, three in Kuwait, one each in Portugal and Malaysia last week.

The health committee of NRNA said the latest casualty reached the death toll of Nepalis 327 from 20 foreign countries.

The health committee coordinator of NRNA, Sanjiv Sapkota, said a total of 56,026 Nepalis in 50 foreign countries got infected with coronavirus till Saturday evening. Among them, 53,432 got recovery. Last week, the more number of Nepalis got infection in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Malaysia, Japan, and the Gulf countries.

So far, 1,994 persons lost lives in Nepal due to coronavirus. Similarly, the number of people infected with the virus has reached 2,69180. Among them, 97.5 percent got recovery.

The health committee has further informed that 2,000 Nepalis get infected on average in a week.

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