NMA and APHIN raised doctors’ consultation fees effective from Feb 17

Nepal Medical Association (NMA), in collaboration with Association of Private Health Institution of Nepal (APHIN), have forged a consensus to raise doctors’ consultation fee effective from February 17.

In a statement on February 17, NMA and APHIN said, a decision to this effect was taken after a joint-meeting in consultations with Fee Consultation Committee, taking the Nepal Rastra Bank’s Inflation Rate into account. The associations also urged all the stakeholders to implement the decision effective from Wednesday.

According to the new consultation fee plan, patients will have to pay Rs 370 for the consultation with a MBBS/MD medical personnel with 5 years of work experience. Similarly, one has to pay Rs 825 for specialists’ services including MD, MS, MDS, and DM/Mch holding more than 10 years of work experience.

“According to the decision of Nepal Government related to Doctor’s Consultation Fee on Dec 10, 2002, any standard nursing home or hospital can take up to 20 per cent extra as Service Charge,” the statement reads.

The joint-association have also demanded the medical centres to provide medical officers a minimum salary of Rs 42,000.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health and Population had forged consensus with active trade unions and health related professional associations to implement the new consultation fees within 30 days, but to no avail.