No Violence Of Any Type Exists In Country Now: PM Oli

Prime Minister and Chairperson of National Security Council, KP Sharma Oli, has said that there was no violence and disturbance of any type in the country at present.

At a programme organised by the National Security Council Secretariat at Singha Durbar today on the occasion of its 20th Establishment Day, PM Oli mentioned that now the country has moved ahead towards the path of development and good governance.

Saying the government has become successful to bring those headed towards the path of violence into the mainstream of peace, he clarified that this move has ended the separatist mindset.

The Prime Minister added, “We have moved ahead with a sentiment of national unity. Now there is no violence in the country and it has entered into a new era of peace.”

He opined that the policy of the Security Council has worked significantly for the same. PM Oli clarified that he is moving ahead with a sentiment of national unity and carried out activities to open the door to peace, good governance and national unity.

Stating the relation with neighbouring countries has been further deepened, he made it clear that problems would be resolved through talks if there were some.

Prime Minister Oli suggested the Council to move ahead based on the achieved experiences, recalling that Council’s Secretariat was established during the time of ups and downs.

Saying the Nepali Army is being mobilized and used in an appropriate manner, he mentioned that Nepal is in favour of the establishment of global peace.

PM Oli said, “Army should be mobilized only for the protection of appropriate rights in the world, whether the country is big or small in terms of its size. It should not be used to harm others.”

Stating that the army personnel are also used in a difficult and uncomfortable situation, he recalled that the soldiers are working day and night for security, service and construction.

The PM stressed, “Nepali Army is working for peace even putting their life at risk and it has made a significant contribution to peacekeeping even in the international arena.”

The Prime Minister said that a credible and reliable institution, the Nepali Army, has been carrying out works in the service and construction sectors winning people’s hearts. Recalling that attempts were made to unnecessarily dragging the Army into controversy at times, he said the Army has been working by maintaining its prestige.

“It would not be proper to drag an institution like the Army into controversy,” PM Oli, who also oversees the Defence Ministry portfolio, said, stressing the need of becoming aware of the elements trying to mislead the people about the institution. He suggested that all should move forward following the main law of the land- the constitution.

Noting that the Council was established not only for fighting and confrontation, PM Oli reiterated that its work was to maintain peace and law and order.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Oli also planted a sapling in the Council Secretariat’s premises.

Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokhrel, Council members Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel, Chief Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi and Chief of the Army Staff Purna Chandra Thapa, the Defence Secretary and the Council member-secretary Reshmi Raj Pandey, high officials and employees of the security bodies and media persons were also present at the programme.

The Council Secretariat was established on 11 March 2002.

Source : RSS,