NPC Unveils 5-Year Nutrition Strategy Plan

The National Planning Commission (NPC) has unveiled five-year strategy (2021-2025) under the III stage of Scaling Up Nutrition Movement of the United Nations.
Vice-chairman of NPC Prof Dr. Puspa Raj Kadel launched the strategy amidst a function held on Monday.
While launching the strategy, Dr. Kadel stressed the need for emphasising implementation of the project as the strategy focused on the issues of multi-sectoral nutrition plans implemented in Nepal.
On the occasion, Kewal Prasad Bhandari, secretary at the NPC, said that all the development partner agencies should support actively to receive financial resources and their mobilisation for the proper implementation of multi-sectoral nutrition project.
NPC member Dr. Usha Jha urged all stakeholders for effective implementation of third stage five-year strategy of Scaling Up Nutrition Movement as Nepal is an active member for the expansion of nutrition campaign.
As part of the Global Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, Nepal joined the SUN Movement in May 2011.