NRNA clarifies the confusion of Non-Resident Nepali Citizenship

March 21, 2019

Lately there has been a lot of misinformation circulating in media about Nepalese citizenship and non-resident Nepalese. NRNA has issued a press release addressing the confusion surrounding citizenship rights of Non-resident Nepalese.

The press release emphasized that NRNA has been working relentlessly to lobby the continuity of citizenship rights for non-resident Nepalese who have secured citizenship from another country. It further states that, they have successfully lobbied the legal rights of non-resident Nepalese in Nepal and the act has been passed already through the constitution of Nepal.

The spokesperson of NRNA, Bhusan Ghimire, clarified that, the association has already submitted suggestions after rigorous study to make amendments in Nepal Citizenship Act 2063. However, the bill is still under the discussion and the report has not been completed yet.

NRNA has requested all the non-resident Nepalese not to jump into conclusion merely based on the issue raised in the committee.

The release has stated, “According to the current law of Nepal, Nepali citizenship gets dismissed automatically after receiving citizenship from other foreign country. Our understanding is that, after the arrangement of Non-Resident Nepali citizenship, people who have secured citizenship from foreign countries will also be able to exercise the same rights as Nepali citizen of buying property, starting a business and getting involved in economic and social life as a Non-Resident Nepali Citizen.”

NRNA has also requested to wait for the official statement from the association.