Number Of Ayurvedic Medicine Users Increasing In Palpa

The number of patients taking Ayurvedic medicines is increasing in the district. People with health issues like abdomen pain, gastritis and loss of appetite have been visiting the Ayurveda hospitals.

It is found that people who believed less in Ayurvedic medicines and sought treatment in medicals and hospitals before have been seeking treatment at the ayurveda dispensaries these days.

Forty one thousand 993 people took ayurvedic medical service in fiscal year 20120/21 while 32 thousand 721 people sought the service in fiscal year 2019/20, the District Ayurveda Health Office said.

The district-based ayurvedic medicine dispensary has been selling 23 different types out of the 95 various types of medicines sanctioned by the Federal Ayurveda Health Division.

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