Nutrition Education Is A Must In Karnali : CM Shahi

Karnali Province Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi has highlighted the need of nutrition literacy in Karnali province.

At an orientation programme on multi-sector nutrition plan organized by Karnali Province Policy and Planning Commission Surkhet here on Wednesday, he stressed the urgency for bringing changes in the food behaviour of citizens.

“Karnali has several diseases including mal-nutrition”, he said, adding, “In order to address this situation, here needs nutrition literacy at people’s level. Mere training and orientation does not work”.

“Tendency of consuming food only after appetite is still prevailing in Karnali”, CM Shahi said, pledging to move ahead with policy, programme and budget to develop Karnali as a malnutrition free province.

He also underlined the need of including primary health knowledge of the citizens of Karnali in curriculum.

Province planning commission’s vice-chairperson Dr Sarwajeet Khadka said the malnutrition rate of Karnali could be lessened through a multi-stakeholder integrated action plan. He called for one and all to join hands for this campaign.

On the occasion, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration Basanta Adhikari and UNICEF Nepal’s representative Prakash Chandra Joshi had presented statistics reflecting the nutrition status of Karnali.

Source : RSS,