Offces Being Sealed After Employees Contract Coronavirus Infection

The government offices in Surkhet are being sealed off one after another after an upsurge in coronavirus infection rate here.

Three offices have been sealed off recently after the employees at these offices tested positive for the flu-like virus.

The Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB), the Karnali State Assembly Secretariat and the District Land revenue Office at Birendranagar have been sealed off.

The bank and the land revenue office, which see a large number of service-seekers, have stated that they have sealed off the office so as to prevent the transmission of coronavirus to other people after some employees at these offices were found infected.

The State Assembly Secretariat and the Land revenue Office have been sealed off for one week while the RBB has issued notice that bank would be closed until further arrangements are in place.

RBB was closed for one week before this also after coronavirus infection was found in one of its employees. However, the ATM service would be open, the Bank’s officiating branch manager, Thokre Bista, said.

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