Officials Face Problem To Rescue Five Nepali Children From India

Nepali security officials and government agents have become unable to rescue five Nepali children, who had gone missing from Kohalpur of Banke district although they were found in Bareilly, India.
Five children, including two children aged seven to nine and a girl, who went missing from Kohalpur-4, were found in a children’s home in Bareilly, India, but their rescue efforts failed, said Ward Chairman of Kohalpur Ward No. 4, Tirtharam Tharu.
Along with three children from Banke, one from Baitadi and one from Dang, two more children were also found in the same orphan house, said Ward Chairman Tharu.
He said that they had to return empty-handed when the management of the orphan home refused to hand over the children even though he went to the orphanage himself to rescue them and bring them back to Nepal.
According to Chairman Tharu, they had to return empty-handed after the orphanage administration said that they could not hand over the children without a formal letter from the Indian Embassy.
He, however, said, the Indian embassy is preparing to rescue them in a few days.
Meanwhile, Maiti Nepal Nepalgunj Coordinator Keshav Koirala also said that efforts were being made to bring the five Nepali children to Nepal in collaboration with the Indian Child Protection Committee.
According to the Area Police Office, Kohalpur, three children went missing from Kohalpur six months ago but they were not found during the search.
However, a Nepali living in Bareilly reported to Kohalpur after seeing the news on TV that five Nepali children were being kept in children’s home there.
On the same information, Ward Chairman of Ward No. 4 Tharu had reached Bareilly at his own expense with a team to find and rescue them.
Tharu said that they tried to rescue the children after meeting with the Indian police and the orphanage management but could not do so as they were asked to bring a letter from the Embassy.

Source : TRN,