Oli Appointed PM For Third Time

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has appointed KP Sharma Oli to the post of the Prime Minister.
President Bhandari appointed Oli, parliamentary party leader of the CPN-UML, the largest party in the House of Representatives as per the Article 76 (3) of the Constitution of Nepal, read a statement issued by the Office of the President on Thursday.
Oli was appointed to the post after the political parties failed to submit the name of a party leader, who could garner majority votes in the support of two or more political parties representing the House of Representatives for the appointment to the post of the Prime Minister of Nepal as per the Article 76 (2) of the Constitution of Nepal within the given deadline of 9:00 pm on Thursday.
President Bhandari had called on the parties to form a majority government on Monday, after Prime Minister Oli failed to garner the vote of confidence in the House of Representatives.

Oath of office today
According to Joint Secretary Rup Narayan Bhattarai of the Office of the President, the swearing in ceremony of the Prime Minister will be held at 2:30 pm on Friday at Sheetal Niwas.
This is the third time Oli has become the Prime Minister of Nepal.
Earlier, he was appointed to the top executive post on February 15, 2018 as a two-thirds majority government following the 2017 general elections, which was swept by the alliance of his party CPN-UML and the Maoist Centre.
Likewise, he served as the Prime Minister for the first time from October 2015 to August 2016. He was elected to the House of Representatives from Jhapa Constituency 5.
Born in Aathrai, Tehrathum on February 22, 1952, Oli moved to Jhapa in the plains and came into contact with the local communist leaders.
In 1970, Oli became a member of the then underground Nepal Communist Party. He was arrested after the Jhapa incident of 1970 and was put behind bar for 14 years.
Oli first won the parliamentary elections in 1991. Since then he won all elections except for the Constituent Assembly Election of 2008. After the mid-term polls of 1994, he served as Home Minister in the first communist government led by late Manamohan Adhikari, and in 2007 he served as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in the government led by late Girija Prasad Koirala.