Oli Asks Govt To Make Its Stance Clear On MCC

CPN-UML Chairman and former PM KP Sharma Oli asked Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to make the government’s stance clear on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement.
Addressing a cadres gathering organised by the CPN-UML Kathmandu Metropolitan Committee here on Saturday, Chairman Oli said the MCC was signed by Nepali Congress and CPN (MC) and now the government remains silent over the issue.
He also warned the government against trying to pass the MCC in an opaque manner.
Expressing his dissatisfaction over the government decision to form a committee to study the problems related to the Nepal-China border dispute, Chairman Oli said, “Nepal has no border dispute with China.”
In another context, Oli said a strong UML-led government would be formed again after the upcoming election.
UML would not go to the polls on anyone’s crutch, he said, adding that in the upcoming election, UML would emerge as the major party with the help and support of the people.
Discussing that the UML-led government had done a lot of development work, chairman Oli claimed that the development work was visible in all sectors.
Reiterating that the UML-led government had a dream of making ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’, he said it was imperative for the UML to return to the government to change the country’s face, he said.
Despite the flood in Melamchi, the previous government had accelerated the preparation to bring Melahmi water by next April, said Oli, adding the current government could not bring Melamchi by next April.
The UML-led government would be the one to bring Melamchi water to the Vvalley, he claimed.
He also called on the party ranks to reach out to the people with confidence.
Chairman Oli criticised Madhva Kumar Nepal for ‘splitting’ UML and being anti-communist. “He is talking about revolution by overthrowing the leftist government and the government working for country’s development.”
He also accused former vice-chairman Bamdev Gautam of leaving the party for the post of deputy prime minister.

Source : TRN,