Oli Files Defamation Charge-Sheet Against Panta

National Assembly (NA) member Komal Oli has filed a case of defamation at the Kathmandu District Court against Nepal Communist Party (UML) leader Raghuji Panta.

In a charge-sheet, Oli accused the UML leader of assassinating her character with intention or in a full conscience.

The upper house member has sought action against the leader in accordance with the Clause 305 (1) and (2) of Criminal Code, 2017 and additional one year jail-term and a fine of Rs 10,000 for the use of electronic media for the defamation. She also demanded the compensation bearing in mind the sensitivity of the offense and damage it caused to her prestige and the recovery of expenditure she made for seeking the justice.

The former Minister Panta while speaking at a political programme on February 27 gave his remark, questioning Oli’s ability to get the NA post. He had, however, apologized for his remark through one online media.

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