One Age Group People To Be Vaccinated A Day To Avoid Congestion

The Kathmandu Metropolis today is providing the first dose of the China-manufactured vaccine against Covid-19 to those people reaching the age of 64.

The inoculation campaign kicked off from 10:00 am today at all 32 wards of the metropolis. The eligible people for receiving the vaccine are required to possess an official biometric identity card or a recommendation letter from the respective ward offices when going to get the vaccine.

The local government said it decided to administer vaccine to a single age group in a day so as to avoid the possibility of formation of a crowd in the vaccination centers.

As per the vaccine schedule unveiled by the Department of Urban Health, today or June 8 is for the people of 64 years of age, June 9 is for 63 years-old-people, June 10 for 62-years-old , June 11 for 61-years-old and June 12 is for the people reaching the 60 years of age.

People who were infected earlier have been advised to seek the jab only if they completed the one month of the infection.

The eligible population have been urged to properly follow the vaccine schedule and visit the center just for the first dose.

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