Ordinances Being Tabled In House Meetings

The meetings of the Federal Parliament are taking place at 1:00 this afternoon in International Conference Centre at Naya Baneshwor.

In the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting, different ordinances including Railway Ordinance, 2078; Social Security (First Amendment) Ordinance, 2078; Nepal Police and Province Police (Work Execution, Supervision and Coordination) (First Amendment) Ordinance, 2078 and Acid and other Harmful Chemicals (Regulation) Ordinance, 2078 are being tabled for the approval.

Likewise, the Legislation Management Committee’s President is tabling separate reports of a committee relating to Bill on Public Service Commission, 2075 and Immigration Bill, 2076 in the National Assembly meeting.

According to the Federal Parliament Secretariat, Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand is scheduled to table Ordinance Relating to Political Parties (Second Amendment), 2078.

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